Universal Tax, Inc

Universal Tax Inc., offers Audit Protection Services for Taxpayers and a PTIN Protection Plan for Tax Preparers ( PTIN holders ). Our one vision since being established is to help Americans nationwide deal with the aggressive collection policies of the State/IRS tax agencies.

As we know, tax issues can create added stress to your already busy lives. It can be overwhelming for an individual to take on these collection agencies without the support of an experienced professional while dealing with the possible threat of property seizures and loss of income. Universal Tax, Inc. puts its experience to work ! We understand how to deal with these issues, and taking the burden away from you.

At Universal Tax Inc., we provide an Audit Protection Plan for taxpayers with unlimited professional support in the event their tax return is subjected to an IRS or State audit. In the case that a taxpayers return is audited, Universal Tax, Inc. will provide them with a qualified professional to represent them before the tax authority should such entity question their return.

Universal Tax Inc., was derived from a very successful family oriented accounting and tax preparation firm. We noticed the rise for continued family type atmosphere of our one on one special attention. To satisfy this demand; a separate entity was formed to meet the needs of taxpayers and tax professionals all across the country, thus, Universal Tax, Inc. was formed.

With over 45 years of combined experience in IRS and State Tax Representation, our staff members consist of prior IRS Agents, Enrolled Agents (EA) and CPAs. The reputation of our firm is built on integrity and efficiency. We are dedicated to providing taxpayers, small businesses, corporations and tax professionals with the most thorough up to date service. Universal Tax dedicates itself on staying current with any tax law updates. As a result, we get guaranteed results at a fraction of the cost. Universal Tax Incorporations main goal is to satisfy the taxpayer and help tax professionals increase their bottom line. Our company is different from our competitors, we care, and we have the experience and passion to help taxpayers eliminate the stress of their tax issues; for a peace of mind.