Universal Tax Inc. PTIN Protection Plan*

Universal Tax Inc, PTIN Protection Plan is protection by the numbers. If you find yourself at the sharp end of a claim against you, your Protection Plan provides the legal strength to defend you, and the financial muscle to pay for any damages you’re liable for. It’s coverage you can count on!

What am I covered for?
  • Claims and damages
  • Defense costs – including appointing an attorney, if necessary
  • Claims arising from Tax Preparation ( Must have an Active PTIN )
  • National coverage – Coverage for Federal and State filed Tax Returns.
  • Coverage Limits $10,000 (Federal)/ $5,000 (State) per claim
  • Coverage effective for 2020 Tax filing year ( Active PTIN Required for current Tax year )

*Universal Tax, Inc. PTIN Protection Plan is backed by an “A” Rated insurance policy, that abides by the provisions of this plan.
Pricing available at a Corporate Level, contact us for more information